Sunday, November 25, 2007

The World Cup Draw 2010

They say its okay,
It’s a handy oul’ group,
And qualification’s a cinch.
But I reckon we may
Well end up in the soup –
Perhaps finish fourth at a pinch.

Montenegro – who they?
And Georgia too?
Dark horses we know nowt about.
And Bulgaria, eh?
We could very well rue
Dismissing their sizable clout.

And then the Azurri,
Just the World Cup winners,
We don’t stand a prayer against them.
They’ll pound us with fury,
Dismissively bin us,
As befits the new crème de la crème.

But worse, far, far worse,
Worse than any of this,
We’re in for more gut-wrenching pain.
It must be a curse,
An overt Judas kiss,
For we have to face Cyprus again.

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