Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Putting on a show

Go and see La Scala, is Trap’s answer
to those who think we should put on a show.
Certainly there’s no exotic dancer
among the likes of Keane and Dunne and co.

Kevin Doyle cannot sing Nessun Dorma,
Kev Kilbane is no Maria Callas.
Darren O’Dea’s a reliable performer
but only versus sides like Crystal Palace.

There’s nothing that would last a week on Broadway
nor run for half a week in the West End.
We beat the Macs in something of a flawed way,
forced for lengthy periods to defend.

But when, in eight months time, the final curtain
comes down on our bid for qualification,
if we’ve won through, one thing will be certain –
they’re going to get one rapturous ovation.

An ugly win over Macedonia is not to Eamonn Dunphy's liking