Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Anyone want to be manager?

The World Cup dates have now been set.
No manager installed as yet,
But sure, there’s lots of time before it starts.
Rushing today, tomorrow ruing,
Delaney knows what he is doing –
Photos on the wall and throwing darts.

The speculation’s been intense
Since Stan was toppled off the fence,
The press promotes a new one every day.
Is it so hard to find a man
To step into the boots of Stan
Or does Delaney frighten folk away?

We need to choose a manager,
A world-class, A1 manager,
To lead us all to Canaan and beyond,
But everyone we think we like
Says “hey, no way,” into the mike –
There aren’t too many fish left in the pond.

The gang of three has roamed the world
But no new name has been unfurled,
Despite the headline talk since Stan’s removal,
But what if the new appointee,
Whoever he, or she, may be
Just doesn’t meet with Eamon D’s approval?

If John had any brains at all
He’d find a coach who’s on the ball,
But more important, meets with Eamon’s blessing,
And then he might well get the time
To dig us out the muck and grime
And fix the basic faults that need addressing.