Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Highway robbery

“Stand and deliver!”
The words sent a shiver
Through those on the road to the Cape.
The Georgians peered out
When they heard the fierce shout,
But they’d no means by which to escape.

On eleven black horses,
The feared em’rald forces
Stood waiting, their pistols well cocked.
And a deafening barrage
Of shots rocked the carriage,
The roadway now totally blocked.

“Hand over the goods!”
Snarled the men in the hoods,
As the Georgians shrank back with a yell.
“And you’d better not tarry
Or these bullets will carry
You off to the great fires of Hell!”

There was naught they could do.
They were right in the stew,
As they looked out, confused yet resigned.
The three points were delivered
And the Fates roundly shivered
As we robbed the poor travellers blind.