Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ireland 0 Holland 4

“This is the way we’ll play,” said Stan,
“In Germany next Wednesday week.
We’ll stick devoutly to the plan,
And watch the havoc that we wreak.”

But sadly it was not to be,
The Dutch, with little sweat, notched four,
And, if we speak with honesty,
They could have scored a whole lot more.

Okay, without brave Richard Dunne,
Without Shay Given, Keane and Duff,
‘Twas on the cards we’d come undone,
We’d always find it tough enough.

But this was really quite a rout,
The Dutch exposed our lack of pace.
Our poor defending was found out
As we presented them with space.

In Ibarak’ four years ago,
Within the shadow of Saipan,
We matched the Germans blow for blow,
And found them wanting, man for man.

But that was then and this is now.
Our tactics are a football crime.
Its difficult to figure how
We’ve fallen in so short a time.

Amongst the fans, the humour’s wry,
We played the game with little heart.
The Germans must be on a high
To watch us simply fall apart.

Oh yes, this thrashing’s hurt us much,
Its like a knife thrust in the groin,
The worst defeat against the Dutch
Since Billy whupped us at the Boyne.

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