Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ireland 1 Italy 2

The stage had been set, the orchestra waited,
This play had been eagerly anticipated.
The crowd took their seats in the gods and the stalls,
Sporadically making encouraging calls.
But when the play started, the acting looked stilted,
The pressure seemed such that performances wilted.
The mob showed displeasure; they were not deriving
Much joy from the glut of theatrical diving,
And in the first act, there were plenty of signs
That several on stage hadn’t studied their lines.
The interval came, and observers remarked
Performances, sadly, had not really sparked.
The second half started, and Duff pulled the strings,
Inspiring all those who looked on from the wings.
But generally though, the interest faded,
Delivery and presence were muted and jaded.
The curtain came down on this night of frustration,
And no-one took part in a standing ovation.
But despite the sharp pain of this sudden reversal,
We must not forget this was just a rehearsal.
The wizened director can still put things right,
Though there’s only three weeks until opening night.

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