Thursday, November 8, 2007

Easter Miracle

Open out those joyous banners!
Praise the Lord with hymns so lyrical!
Proclaim the truth with loud hosannahs!
Announce another Easter miracle!

Just last year, the Mayfield cripple
Told us of his dire prognosis.
Ankle, hip and knee and nipple
Had a woeful diagnosis.

Though he'd love to play so dearly,
Physio advice was stringent.
The message was despatched so clearly
From the medical contingent.

Recuperative powers diminished,
Career put in jeopardy.
Just one knock and he'd be finished -
"Time for bed," said Zebedee.

Just one game for Ireland's army,
Just one match with Eircom logo
Would be suicidal, barmy,
Nevermore to do the pogo.

Reluctantly, his international
Tour of duty now was over.
Decisions can be sad but rational-
Keane must be put out to clover.

But now his spiralling condition
Suddenly has been arrested.
Doctors gainsay their decision.
"He's all right, now," they've attested.

Hipbones, once they're rendered squeaky,
Generally show no improvement.
But now, those joints, once old and creaky,
Are better, thanks to constant movement.

So join with us, sing Hallelujah!
Can you hear the angels drumming!
Keano, boy, we hardly knew ya -
This truly is the Second Coming!

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