Thursday, November 8, 2007

Do we have to play the rest of our games?

Do we have to play the rest
Of our qualifying games?
We’re all just too depressed
To go on.
The Cypriot defeat has left
Us firmly in the soup –
Our chances to compete
Are now gone.

Can we not just stay at home,
Lick our wounds, drink our beer?
The world is monochrome,
Pallid grey.
The death knell’s slowly drumming
As the funeral draws near,
Can’t we just say we’re not coming
Out to play?

The Slovaks and the Czechs
Must be rubbing hands with glee,
The German rubbernecks
At our fall.
The Welsh and San Marino
Must now sense a victory,
While we enjoy a vino

We’re the bottom of the pile,
We’re the lowest of the low,
It’s hard to raise a smile
At our plight.
Where once we were red hot,
Now we’re twenty five below.
Believe me, we are not
A pretty sight.
Cyprus 5 Ireland 2

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