Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dunphy, Giles and Brady

Beware the three wise monkeys
On the television panel,
Attention-grabbing flunkeys
Who dish out the well-worn flannel.
They wallow in hyperbole
For reasons dark and shady,
Both orally and verbally,
Thay’s Dunphy, Giles and Brady.

No-one may contradict them,
They’re the experts in their trade.
The moguls who have picked them
Have no cause to be dismayed.
They vent their righteous fury
Like a scorned and jealous lady.
Hangman, judge and jury –
That is Dunphy, Giles and Brady.

Time has changed them greatly,
They are harsh and unforgiving.
They haven’t played much lately,
Just kill chickens for a living.
They mouth the word ‘atrocity’
Like some grotesque Kate Adie,
The masters of pomposity –
That’s Dunphy, Giles and Brady.

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