Thursday, November 8, 2007

In Lehmanns Terms

When the Germans visit Dublin,
There’s always such a buzz.
The atmosphere is bubblin’,
If not for them, for us.

But apathy’s in fashion,
The atmosphere was flat.
Keane’s miss evoked no passion.
We merely shrugged at that.

For us the game scarce mattered,
Since we went down to the Czechs
Our dreams now crushed and shattered.
Contenders? Please add “ex-.”

The Germans were delighted
To return home with a draw,
But we were unexcited
And could scarce restrain a snore.

And later on the panel,
Poor Eamo and the boys
Just churned the same old flannel
And made the same old noise.

I stayed away from Croker,
I’m glad now that I did.
It would have been a choker
To have coughed up fifty quid.
Ireland 0 Germany 0

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