Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Return

There were those who cheered his every move,
As though they had a point to prove,
Who very loudly muttered, “Class!”
At every simple five yard pass,
Who vocally regaled his name
At intervals throughout the game.

And there were many others who,
Reciprocally, were wont to boo.
Who said he was a useless langer,
Any time he made a clanger,
Who tried to spoil the “Keano” chants
At every single circumstance.

But most of those within the crowd
Did not express their thoughts out loud.
They did not cheer his every kick,
But neither did they give him stick.
Judgement silently deferred,
They strangely had the final word.

Still divided into factions,
With individual reactions.
But one point where agreement came,
As people talked about the game,
Whate’er the feelings that held sway,
Thank God that game was out the way.
Ireland 1 Romania 0

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