Thursday, November 8, 2007

Next Year’s Summer Holidays

Our World Cup dream has proved to be unfounded,
It’s fallen like a fragile autumn leaf.
The good ship Brian Kerr is truly grounded,
Holed earlier, upon the Israel reef.
The buoyant Swiss did not intend to harm us,
Although they caused this nation untold grief,
For, like the most incompetent of farmers,
The lads again did not produce the beef.
The Swiss rolled into town, with cowbells clanking,
And stole our thunder like a brazen thief.
Hartey’s header promised a good spanking,
But then we seemed to lack some self-belief.
The national press conducted a post-mortem,
And called for abdication of the Chief,
The prospect of a long and gloomy autumn
Does not provide the country with relief.
Our plan of going back to Gelsenkirchen
Was far too unsubstantial and too brief,
So let’s get down to nine months solid workin’
And then take two weeks off -
In Tenerife.

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