Thursday, November 8, 2007

Cyprus 0 Ireland 1

Robbie Keane’s stretch, and Elliott’s swivel,
Followed by eighty five minutes of drivel.
And but for some quite inspirational keeping,
The country would be uncontrollably weeping.
The magnificent Cypriots, hardly world-beaters,
Were very unfortunate not to defeat us.
They tore us wide open and carved out great chances,
And led our defenders some merry old dances,
While we were unable to find any rhythm
And didn’t seem able to trade tackles with ‘em.
Our midfield was guileless and showed no invention,
And seemed to be focussed on damage prevention.
So many times we conceded possession,
We started suspecting divine intercession.
Tactically weak, we seemed badly outnumbered,
Letting the Cypriots break unencumbered.
But Fortune smiled on us, and flattered us greatly,
Which, to be frank, hasn’t happened much lately.
And though we were still outmanoeuvred concisely,
Same again Wednesday will do very nicely.

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