Thursday, November 8, 2007

John O’Shea’s Miss Against France

The said he wasn’t expecting it.
It took him by surprise.
He’d no thoughts of collecting it.
He scarce believed his eyes.

He did not think the curling free
Would beat the last defender.
He did not think, alas, that he
Would be the sole contender.

So when it came o’er all the heads,
He stabbed his effort wide.
Ireland’s hopes were torn to shreds,
And many grown men cried.

But let’s rewind a little bit,
And do some sharp reflecting.
If John was not expecting it,
Then what was he expecting?

A leg of lamb? A glass of wine?
A large bemused gorilla?
Perhaps the number thirty nine
Returning from Clonsilla?

A football in the area?
I’d never have believed him.
Is anything more scarier?
No wonder it deceived him!
Ireland 0 France 0

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