Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Vacant Ireland Manager’s Job

(for vacant Ireland managers)

There hasn’t been a wealth of applications,
No lines of people queuing for the post.
So many men have valid reservations,
Pretending they are otherwise engrossed.

The usual names have all been widely bandied,
Like Venables, O’Leary and O’Neill.
But each has left the FAI quite stranded,
Declining to shake hands upon a deal.

No longer are we first or second seeded,
In fact, we’re down to third, or even fourth.
A strong man at the helm is what is needed,
Or else we’re going to struggle like the North.

Everybody’s turning a cold shoulder,
The barge-poles surfaced after the first minute.
The FAI’s compiling a big folder,
But currently there’s only one name in it.

So come on, all you managers and coaches,
Ensure the FAI don’t draw a blank.
Accept if someone makes the right approaches,
Or else they’re going to give the job to Frank.

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