Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Last Laugh

The Czechs came to Dublin with buoyance,
Unbeaten in twenty odd matches,
But they left with a deal of annoyance,
For they only produced it in patches.

Our makeshift defence was rock steady,
Our midfield so bravely competed,
And Robbie held back till quite ready
To ensure that the Czechs were defeated.

The Duffer showed sparkles of brilliance,
Kilbane was a thorn in their side,
Holland and Reid showed resilience,
And Clinton pulled centre backs wide.

The Czechs could attack us at random,
Because they were quick on the break,
But Kenny and Gary in tandem
Ensured that we made no mistake.

And Maybury looked really impressive,
And Hartey defended with zeal,
Substitutions were somewhat excessive,
But hopes of a victory were real.

And so we created good chances,
And oftentimes had the Czechs penned,
And won in relieved circumstances,
Though we left it quite late in the end.

The Czechs had a bit of a bummer,
Despite all those wins on the trot,
But they’ll have the last laugh this summer –
They’re Portugal bound, and we’re not.
Ireland 2 Czech republic 1

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