Thursday, November 8, 2007

Getting Things in Perspective

A draw against France means the world’s at our feet,
No need for improvement, our team is complete.
The roses that line our small garden smell sweet,
And never again shall we sample defeat.

A draw against France means our future is rosy,
The team we have now is just fandabadozi,
Our heroes are gods and they dine on ambrosi-
A, everything here is so warm and so cosy.

A draw against France sent the football world shaking,
People were stunned by the news that was breaking.
The Swiss and Israelis are probably quaking,
The World Cup is probably there for the taking.

A draw against France means we’re now optimistic,
The road to great glory is straight and simplistic,
Our team are world-beaters and very artistic,
With art and great guile that near border on mystic.

A draw against France heralds world domination,
We’re getting great notions way over our station,
We’re the best ever team since the dawn of creation,
At least till we’re beaten by some other nation.
France 0 Ireland 0

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