Thursday, November 8, 2007

Three Oul’ Lads

Brian eyed the body and
Wrote down the time they’d found it.
Then, magnifying glass in hand,
He scoured the ground around it.
Hours and hours, on hands and knees,
He searched till he was blue.
Three oul’ lads watched and one said, “Jeez,
He hasn’t got a clue.”

Brian checked the headstones but
The grave remained elusive.
He scoured the graveyard, foot by foot,
But that was inconclusive.
He’d come to visit, unprepared,
And could not find the spot.
Three oul’ lads watched, and one declared,
“This guy has lost the plot.”

Brian came across some stags –
Alas, the beasts were blind.
He draped them all in Irish flags –
They didn’t seem to mind.
Their blindness did seem quite pronounced,
While wand’ring far and near.
Three oul’ lads watched and one announced
“This man has No-eye deer.”
Cyprus 0 Ireland 1

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