Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tony Galvin / Famous Buns of History

Famous buns of history (Part 1)
What kind of bun did Paddy Mulligan throw?
Did he throw an oul’ bun at all?
Did it make one boss
So hot and so cross
That he wouldn’t give Paddy the ball?

Was it London, was it Saffron, was it Chelsea?
Was it buttered or was it plain?
Or perhaps it was Bath
That spiked Paddy’s path,
And ushered in Eoin’s reign?
1980 - After Johnny Giles quit, Eoin Hand beat Paddy Mulligan to the Ireland manager's job by one swing vote. Afterwards, one FAI board member said that he had voted for Hand because he thought Mulligan was the person who had thrown a bun at him on an away trip. originally posted by 'the spuds r boiling' on the "An Fear Rua - The GAA Unplugged" website
Tony Galvin
He never kissed the six-yard box,
Nor held the centre spot.
The larger penalty area
Touched romantic ardour not.
With the teasing centre circle,
His strong arms did not entwine,
But everybody roared when
Tony Galvin hugged the line.

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