Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lansdowne, I Hardly Knew You

Along with fifteen thousand more,
I watched the great John Sivebeck score.
From the right full back position,
He mesmerised the opposition.
On and on and on he ran
With smooth control and great elan
And finished with a mighty shot
That Packie Bonner found too hot.

The clapping echoed ‘round the stand,
And marked the end for Eoin Hand.

Three years later, Lansdowne Road,
With great supporters overflowed.
Terrace tickets were elusive,
And, as I found out, exclusive.
How many people who had seen
The Danes destroy the Boys in Green
Found getting tickets far too stressful,
Now we had become successful?
How many, we can only guess,
Came only we got success?
“The best supporters in the world,”
Announced the banners, now unfurled.
[But only, they forgot to tell,
At times when we were doing well.]

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