Friday, October 26, 2007

Apologies to all Aussies

Whose was the sparkling idea
At a packed Lansdowne Road last night?
The motives were vague and unclear,
The action offensive and trite.

We have an immense reputation
For welcoming fans from abroad.
Their anthems receive an ovation,
Their excesses are largely ignored.

So why the intense provocation?
Why should we be so insulting?
Twas only through chance situation
That violence wasn’t resulting.

The Aussies are normally cheerful,
Ebullient, with great bonhomie,
But prior to the match they were tearful,
And well they had reason to be.

The music pre-match was quite harmless,
We bore it with scarcely a frown,
But it changed to offensive and charmless,
When they played “Tie Me Kangaroo Down.”

Ireland 3 Australia 0

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