Thursday, October 25, 2007

Giant in the Giants’ Stadium

Scorned women and the fires of hell do not possess the fury,
Of I-ta-li-an support, when someone scores ‘gainst the Azzurri.
And Houghton’s goal did stir them up,
Attack! Attack the ball!
But none of them had reckoned with the majesty of Paul.
Oooh Aaaah Paul McGrath,
The majesty of Paul.

They loaded up their weapons and they jumped into their tanks,
And tried to catch the Irish out by storming down the flanks,
But one man saw the danger,
And he formed a one-man wall,
The men in blue could not get round the tow’ring might of Paul.
Oooh Aaaah Paul McGrath,
The tow’ring might of Paul.

They let loose with their hand grenades and sent their bombers in,
Desperate to make sure that the Irish didn’t win.
Shells rained down upon the lines
Where Ireland set her stall,
But through the heavy smoke emerged the mighty frame of Paul.
Oooh Aaaah Paul McGrath,
The mighty frame of Paul.

Blackened-faced commandos rained on down with parachutes,
A sight that might have left the Irish quaking in their boots,
But Paul McGrath just pursed his lips,
And blew a mighty squall.
Blew them out to Coney did the powerful lips of Paul.
Oooh Aaaah Paul McGrath,
The powerful lips of Paul.

The generals sent the army in, each soldier armed and primed,
The terrifying attack was most immaculately timed.
But they miscalculated if
They thought that we would fall,
For nothing ever got beyond the mountain that was Paul.
Oooh Aaaah Paul McGrath,
The mountain that was Paul.

At last they got the message and the white flag was displayed,
Bestowing ‘pon the Irish team the greatest accolade,
One of the best performances that Irishmen recall,
Inspired by Ireland’s demi-god, the sprightly, ageless Paul
Oooh Aaaah Paul McGrath,
The sprightly, ageless Paul.

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