Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Death of Eoin

The manager. The nearly man.
His goose was truly cooked.
Things hadn’t gone at all to plan,
He’d pressed the self-destruct.

So near he came, and yet so far,
Cruel luck ran through his story.
The very thickness of the bar
Could well have brought him glory.

But in the end, ‘twas not to be,
Results just tailed away.
And Eoin’s fate was sealed for he
Was honest as a day.

The method though was somewhat shoddy,
Detectives did impart.
A groundsman came across the body,
Dagger through the heart.

They hauled the usual suspects in,
Liam and Frank and Dave,
But each showed a defiant chin,
And strong denials gave.

But, thanks to the forensics’ lad,
They freed the trio and
Proved that the late lamented had
Died by his Eoin Hand.

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