Thursday, October 25, 2007

Packie Bonner


Packie Bonner, in the pink,
Went to fetch himself a drink.
The barman took his order and
Delivered it into his hand.
But, as poor Packie turned to go,
Some unobservant so-and-so,
Did nudge his elbow with his arm,
Which caused the keeper great alarm.
Reflexes, quicker than a wink,
Were not enough to save his drink.
For lo! the massive Irish star
Did tip it blithely o’er the bar.


The old judge looked down at the shameless defendant,
The goalkeeping hero, Pat Bonner.
“You admit that you grimaced?” he asked, wig resplendent.
Said Packie, “I grimaced, your Honour.”

“Very well,” said the judge, “that is rather convenient,
And seeing that you show no repentance,
Community service is really too lenient –
I impose a custodial sentence.”

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