Friday, October 26, 2007

No Grounds For Complaint

From Bertie Bowl to Fransdowne Road,
The journey’s long and winding.
But Bertie has his word bestowed,
And, as we know, that’s binding.

They say he’s pledged in days of yore,
And then had to withdraw it,
Like last time and the time before,
And then the time before it.

But this time everything has changed
It really is uncanny.
The building work has been arranged,
He swears it on his granny.

While construction’s underway,
The DART won’t be affected,
So overcrowding and delay
Will not be unexpected.

Mary must have deigned to give
Her blessing ‘pon the project.
PD voters mustn’t live
Around this massive object.

Will Bertie’s statue stand outside
This marvellous erection?
Will its completion coincide
With Ireland’s next election?

Oh, stay my lips and hush my tongue!
Such thoughts are reprehensible.
Insinuations have been flung,
Unjust and indefensible.

Bertie wouldn’t tell us lies,
There’s no grounds for suspicions.
Why must we always criticise
Our selfless politicians?

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