Thursday, October 25, 2007

Euro 88 – Ireland vs Holland

George Hamilton actually gloated.
I couldn’t believe my ears.
And though it was sugary coated,
He summonsed our deepermost fears.

“The Dutch,” he announced with elation,
“Don’t seem to know how to respond!”
“Shut up!” screamed the whole population,
From the shores of this land and beyond.

But sure enough, two minutes after,
With a header the Dutch went ahead,
And amid all the bright orange laughter,
We wished hapless Georgie-boy dead.

The match had not too long remaining,
And Ireland looked set to go through,
And I’m not one for bitter complaining,
But anger where anger is due.

What a ludicrous thing to be saying!
Why the great, urgent need to tempt fate?
Especially when Ireland are playing
And we’ve more than enough on our plate.

The Dutch won the whole competition,
Though Ireland had done a good job.
No tactics contrived our perdition,
Just outspoken George’s big gob.

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