Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jonnie Walters

Fist-pumping, awkward-jumping,
arms, elbows, knees bumping,
sharp-cunning, strong-running,
lack of grace, in your face,
always in the right place,
finger-licking, high-kicking,
watch the centre-backs bricking,
hard-shooting, executing,
pushing, fowling, disemboweling,
lurking, prowling, grunting, growling,
big, ugly, always scowling,
brave, fearless, mighty, peerless,
old-fashioned, highly-passioned,
barrel-chested, never bested,
every ball contested,
head-splitting, hard-hitting,
unthinkable, unsinkable,
sabre-rattling, always battling,
plundering and thundering,
shoving, pushing, grappling, rushing,
flying tackle, bone-crushing,
goal-getting, target-setting,
often ends up in the netting,
Edith Piaf, no regretting,
man-o’-war, dinosaur,
matador, conquistador,
axe-blow through the bathroom door,

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