Thursday, June 7, 2012

Euro 2012 D Day Minus 2

I’ve been out searching frantically for bunting
but seemingly I’ve left it far too late.
In every store, I’ve been reduced to grunting
when shop assistants tell it to me straight.
All I wanted was to decorate
the little patch of land my house is fronting,
but sadly, I had too much on my plate
and now I’ve gone and missed the boat for bunting.

Did no-one think the country might need bunting
and ship it in from China by the crate?
Or is this poxy Euro crisis blunting
the business acumen within the state?
My fruitless search has now begun to grate
but I’ve no option but to go on hunting,
unless I want to be (in our estate)
the only sap without a bit of bunting.

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