Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ce n’est pas la guerre

We knew it was over when FIFA declared
The play offs were going to be seeded.
No matter how well little Ireland had fared,
‘Twas the French that the World Cup brass needed.

We knew all too well that they wanted the French
And their audience of seventy millions.
‘Twas better by far if we sat on the bench
And watched, and not played, the Brazilians.

Televisual rights, for a country like ours,
Was not going to swell FIFA coffers.
And so, no surprise that the footballing powers,
Decided to steal our dreams off us.

The Finals approach and the French will be there,
Despite all the cynics and doubters.
I hope they do well, but ce n’est pas la guerre
As the spectacle happens without us.
Strangely I was more disgusted by FIFA's sudden decision to seed the playoffs than by Henry's hand ball

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