Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ireland 0 Brazil 1

Their goalie barely sees the ball,
The team’s so forward-driven,
But in their hist’ry few recall
A keeper like Shay Given.

Their centre backs can read the ball
And spot the midfield runner,
But few would have the wherewithal
Of someone like the Dunner.

They’ve players who can spread the ball
Like all great players can,
But frankly you may keep them all
For we have Kev Kilbane.

Their love of getting on the ball
Oft borders on the greedy,
But seldom do these players enthral
Like Miller or McGeady.

Their forwards pounce on each loose ball
With joie de vivre latino,
But how Brazil would love to call
On Kevin Doyle and Keano.

But where Brazil are on the ball
Is in their whole approach
That teams improve if you install
An international coach.

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